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First Light on Katahdin #1

First Light on Katahdin #1

This is the first in a series of images I took from the Mount Baxter Summit. To reach the summit for the sunrise we needed to leave our camp at 1:30 am. Just two of us left at that time, Rob King and me. I was so awfully out of shape that Rob lugged up my gear. Even with that, we needed an hour and a half head start on the rest of the group.

The benefit's of that early start were multiple. We had the mountain to ourselves. As we climbed in total darkness, the entire trek illuminated only our headlamps and the stars; we were able to witness a nobility of His creation above us. We reached the summit before all others, enjoying an experience of solitude and serenity that few will ever share. And, shortly after we arrived, we were joined by an Appalachian Trail record through hike seeking marathoner and his lone crew member. He will be clicking off 50 miles a day. I guess that would put him around Pennsylvania about now.

I believe it was the greatest hike I have ever done.