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Thoughts on a Summit

Thoughts on a Summit

Thoughts on a Summit
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Thoughts on a Summit

I sat near the windswept summit, above the tree line, nestled in a small patch of resiliant grass, enjoying the last moments of suns warmth on my face, exhausted from the journey, yet awake in the embrace of gloamings shroud, anticipating nights endless depth of pinpoint lights taking over the sky. Faint sage and pine delicately perfumed the air, rising up from the forrest below, its intoxicating aromas far more relaxing than any elixir. A gentle wind washed across my skin in sensuous tendrils, creating fires all too quickly doused. I sat alone, yet was accompanied by the reflections of times past and the dreams of those remaining. It was here that I realized a great truth.

On this journey I have experienced great wealth, as well as greater poverty. I have faced death with courage and cowered from life in fear, and reversed it, until finally each took its place as that which just is. I have known love, passion and joy, along with loss, depression and sorrow, their lines often blurring together for years at a time. But most of all I have experienced my existence, fighting to embrace each days adventure, no matter how mundane they might be, and never giving up on hopes great promise.

I thought of you. I value words above coin, beauty above riches and passion above wealth. My bank is filled with the bountiful color of a living planet, the wallet of my heart overflows with the souls I have met and shared time with. In a poverty of possessions, I am the richest of men. Still, there is a void. For in this kingdom of grace there is an empty place, filled now with but a vision, yet open and waiting for you to join me. If eternity passes your place will remain there, for passion knows no boundaries and love knows not time.

Laying back on the soft grassy bed as moons pale yellow glow silhouettes the surrounding mountain tops, I revel in the knowledge that others may keep palaces of mortar, brick and stone., their glistening steal chariots transporting them to and from towers of great commerce and wealth., the trophies of their lives sparkling in suns bright light, displayed for all to see, while I have none of this. I have the world, I have the beauty, I have the passion and soon, I know in my heart, I will have you. It is with this thought that sleep serenly take me away once more from a day well lived.

Note: I wrote this short piece because I had to. The words needed release. It is meant to bring hope, joy, thought and perhaps a realization on the importance of those things less tangible than mans riches. I am not a writer, but a times the words take over. It is todays photograph, hope you enjoy it. - Rob
Canon EOS 40D
¹⁄₅₀ sec at f/3.5
Lens: 17-50mm @ 17 mm
ISO 400 in Normal mode with 0 EV adjustment