So often life gets so busy that we forget; forget the simple peace of a forest path, the lyrical sound of a stream cascading over the rocks, the symphony of song as birds go about their day, the sense of well being as our lungs fill with scent of pine, and the overall serenity that stepping outside can bring.

Too often our background noise is the talking heads on TV and our visual stimulus a post on social media. Too often we wrap ourselves in blankets of email which produce no comfort, only the stress of another task to be done. Too frequently do we forget to slow down and look at the beauty of the scenery abound us as we hurry to our next destination.

For me, stepping onto the path provides immediate relief. With each step into the wilderness the stress of the day becomes less, with each breath of clean, fresh air, my feeling of health improves.

My hope is that you will enjoy the images I have captured of my time in the wilderness. That through my lens some of your stress can become less. Perhaps through these images you will become motivated to go forth onto your own path, experience your own joy in the outdoors. If so, I would love to hear about it, see your images, share your experience.

All images on this site are for sale at reasonable prices. We also can provide larger prints suitable for large walls in commercial properties. Please email me with inquiries.

We are available for private sessions. Senior Portraits, Head Shots, Events and Weddings are a specialty, Please contact us to schedule the time.

I bid you health and peace.

Rob Gallucci