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Mountain View

Mountain View

I do not know the name of this mountain. We passed it on the car ride from Calgary to Banff. It was within the border of the Indian reservation, a Regents' crown capping the landscape below.

As we passed by it, I noticed the way the light glimmered off the summit and asked the driver if we could stop. Little did I know that this would be a small foreshadow of the regions beauty. To me, this was a never before experienced scenic vista.

The roads shoulder was small, abutting heavy undergrowth which led to the dense forest. Of course, I was willing to bushwack through to get my shot, but our driver said that he knew a better spot. Have I mentioned in previous posts how good Roger, our driver from Alpine Limousine was? A veritable library of local history and lore, he made the drive significantly more fun and enlightening.

Making a u-turn on the two-lane road, he headed back to the entrance of a parking lot. The lot was more crowded than I would have expected with hikers coming off the mountain and heading back to their cars. Going against the stream of traffic, I found a trailhead which led to a clearing with an unobstructed view of the scene. As I was in my travel clothes of sweatpants and light shirt, I began to freeze quickly. I recall being amazed at how fast my tripod froze as well. This would need to be quick. Getting the camera in place, I took a seven-shot series, adjusting the exposure one stop on each, and then headed back to the warmth of the car.

I am a huge advocate of bracketing in landscape work, but in this case I knew I was going to use all seven images stacked in an HDR.

What I love about this picture is the way the sunlight plays off both the mountain summit and the trees. For me, it presents a regal Vista with a sense of calm reflection.

I hope you enjoy.