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Last Light on Castle Mountain

Last Light on Castle Mountain

This is a bittersweet photo. The day was over; we were at our final spot. I was jet lagged, exhausted and ready to drop, but I didn't want it to end. My tomorrow would be spent with my Cindy and my last day was for birding. Castle Mountain would be the end of the epic Banff and surrounding area landscape shots.

Kevin had shared that as the sun set at our back, as it dipped below the mountains, there would be a brief moment when it shone through the valley chasm to spotlight, in golden radiance, Castle Mountain. At that instant, if we were lucky, Castle Mountains reflection would turn the Bow River a shimmering gold hue.

To be honest, I did not grasp what he was saying. He had been correct on every other spot we visited this day, so I was happy to trust him on this.

Walking on the river polished rock embankment, I found a spot that framed the mountain right, set up my kit up with a .09 filter, adjusted my settings and waited. Just as Kevin predicted, when the sun went below the peaks behind us, the mountain in front of us started to glow. Shortly after that, the river caught fire. It was spectacular.

I have only been home a week, yet miss Banff every day. There is such beauty there, such peace. With each adventure I take, I realize how much I belong in the mountains, in the wild, in the glory of Gods creation. I cannot wait to go back and continue to document this magical place.

I have more photos to go through, so this is not the last of my trips posts - but it is the final that documents this most magical birthday I have ever spent.