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Pre Dawn at Lake Vermillion

Pre Dawn at Lake Vermillion

The day of my birthday, at 6:30 am, a full two hours before sunrise, found Kevin and me on the banks of Lake Vermillion planning our shots. It was -14º, and I was cold to the bone. Yet, I could not have been happier. Cynthia had reached out to Kevin, an area local, before the trip to arrange for him to show me around the area. A retired Wildlife Biologist, he is a talented photographer and a wealth of information on the area, its fauna, flora and best places to shoot. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to him for agreeing to take me out and show me this parcel of the region.

Photographers often miss the hours before and after sunrise and sunset, losing some of the most fabulous light available. As we stood on the icy shores of the lake and looked across at Mount Rundle, it was obvious that we were present at an extraordinary moment of light. We set up our gear and began to shoot. This is the first of the images from that series. It is also the first image of one of the greatest days of my life - and easily the best birthday I have ever experienced.

I am humbled by my beautiful Cynthia's love and generosity in surprising me with the gift of this trip.

I hope you enjoy