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Red Fox

Red Fox

I had always wanted to photograph a Red Fox in the wild. I still do.

While technically wild, the Red Fox at Island Beach State Park are so socialized to humans, through their irresponsible feeding by well-meaning patrons, that they can be considered almost tame. They are so trained that cars equal food that whenever a vehicle drives down the road, they emerge from the brush. However, not all the cars in the park want to see Fox. Many speed down the causeway, endangering these innocent animals.

The people in the cars that do stop are little better. I witnessed people luring the Fox close with everything from popcorn to candy. These are not foods wild fox should be eating.

And, it must be noted, that wild animals, no matter how furry and cute, are wild! Fox are carnivores with sharp teeth - they can, and they will bite that hand that feeds them. It is not good, or safe, for either the wild animal or people, for animals to become so comfortable around us that they think we are their food source.

I may continue to take photos of these Fox, though. If for no other reason than to gain your attention to what is happening to them at the park.

Common Name: Red Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
Status: Least concern