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Last Light on a Blue Ridge Farm

Last Light on a Blue Ridge Farm

Beginning at the end of the day today. This was the last shot I took and it was, unquestionably, a gift.

We had to get from Mabry Mill to the Peaks of Otter lodge in time for dinner. This was the last overnight of our journey. Due to my photography shoots, Cynthia had not had dinner at a normal time since the beginning of the three-day drive. I had promised her tonight we would make it.

We left the Mill at 5:30 pm, with a 90 mile, twisty, turning, up and down drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway ahead of us. Sunset was at 6:45 pm. I had permission to capture it, so long as it didn't mean missing dinner. There are significantly fewer westerly views along the BRP than there are Easterly one. It did not bode well for my chances.

At 6:35 pm we had not found an open westerly view. I was resigned to missing the capture of days final light.

At 6:40 pm we rounded a corner and found the sun just finishing its descent behind the dip in the mountains. OMG! I could not have scripted a better end. Rushing to set up my gear I started firing with abandon.

Knowing that I had only minutes, I did not pay as close attention to settings for this shot as I normally would. I shot at F11, bracketing one exposure up and down. This shot is the composite of those shots.

The sunset is 1-stop down. The mid-range trees and farm are properly exposed, and the horses in the field are 1-stop up.

And yes, we did make dinner in time. It was all the more wonderful as we celebrated our amazing final view of this day's last light.

I hope you enjoy.