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© 2019 RGallucci Photography

Life, when you think about it, is about choices. In this vast, interconnected, little privacy world we find ourselves in, there is one thing that is still solely, and deeply personal, ours: Choice.

We can choose to react with anger and malice, or we can choose to respond with love and kindness. We can choose to try to persuade others to our beliefs, or we can choose to live and let live. We can choose to let that choice motivate our friendships, or we can choose not to.

Choice, sometimes called will, is ours and ours alone. No matter what informs that choice, in the end, it is always ours to direct. There is a profound serenity and happiness that can result from our choices. And, there can be seemingly impossible pain and sadness as a result. But again, we have the choice to share the happiness or stew in the melancholy.

We have a choice to believe in a power greater than ourselves, and what that power is, or not. A choice to subscribe to the belief in Christ as the savior, or not. A choice to lovingly accept others beliefs, or to judge them for them.

As a Christian, today is a day I choose to believe that Christ, our savior, was born. I choose to believe that He came for the benefit of ALL mankind. To redeem our sins and give us eternal Grace. I choose to believe that a life spent trying to emulate the unconditional love and forgiveness He taught is a good life. And I choose to believe that even when I am short in those goals, I have not failed but rather learned so that next time I may do better.

Today's photo is one I waited the entire year to take. I had to wait for the week that the sun rose behind this steeple so that I had a vantage point to capture it. I planned the shot as a testament and honor to my faith. I share it as a gift to others so that they may witness along with me the magnificence of what God has created in this world, if only we open our eyes to see it.

On this, the day I choose to believe that our savior and redeemer was born, I share this humble photo from my heart. I wish all you a peaceful and merry Christmas and gratefully thank you for allowing my pictures and messages into your lives.

I remain His scribe.

©RGallucci Photography

Shoot Date: December 21, 2019
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
¹⁄₂₀₀₀ sec at f/16 Bias:0 EV
ISO: ISO 100
Lens:EF800mm f/5.6L IS USM @ 800 mm