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First Light on Chimney Pond

First Light on Chimney Pond

It 's hard to imagine a more natural environment than Chimney Pond in Baxter State Park. A 3.3-mile hike uphill from the park's parking area, the pond is tucked neatly into the bottom of the Katahdin bowl. This spring fed cauldron of cold and pure water is an oasis for Katahdin summit adventurers embarking from the roaring brook gateway.

We stayed four days in the lean-to's tucked into the gorgeous evergreen forest alongside the pond. With no trail around the pond, when I woke before first light I had to rock-hop the many boulders the stand sentinel on its shores, illuminated only by my headlamp, to arrive at the opposite shore from our campground. It was worth it to watch the day serenely unfold before me.

I positioned myself to capture the sun break through the forest at the crux of where it met the base of the mountain. It was the right place and the right time. God once again had blessed me with the most precious of moments to share with you.

I hope you enjoy.