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Sunset at Barnegat Light

Sunset at Barnegat Light

A good friend lent us his place on Long Beach Island for the night. We had put off the drive for three weeks and finally decided that we were just going to go. Cindy and I needed a break from the ordinary. I understand my ordinary might night be the same as others, but it is mine, and I needed to step away from it. Arriving in LBI, we dropped off our gear and headed to the lighthouse to see birds and the sunset.

Of course we were not allowed on the beach - it closed at 4:00pm! But who ever heard of getting a picture of a setting sun at 4:00pm? Hogwash!

Undeterred by the road block and Cindy's protestations, I jumped from the car, camera in hand. Well, now I've corrupted my love and my dog (well him a long time ago). Following closely behind, together we slipped through the gate and onto the walkway along the bay at Barnegat Lighthouse. It was bitterly cold, but worth every frozen minute.

I was so busy looking for birds that by the time I noticed the sunset it already had. All that was left was the final orange and yellow glows beaming up from under the horizon. Such beautiful light was perfect, especially as it reflected off the passing clouds, partly silhouetting the lighthouse in the distance.

With only a long lens on the camera, I needed to take six pictures and then stitch them together later to get this shot. The result is an image that is 4 feet long and 2.5 feet wide; that is a huge photo!

Still, it worked out well. A long lens compresses images, making the leading walkway work as it draws your eye into the image.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to visit scenes like this and share them with you.

I hope you enjoy.