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Winter Sunset over Watchung Lake

Winter Sunset over Watchung Lake

At the far end of my town rests a tranquil pond. It is a favorite gathering spot for walkers during the day but seldom gets use in evening. It is one of the few local places where sunsets provide an opportunity to capture that dwindling star's red-hued prism reflections as they bounces off the water and illuminate the passing clouds. I have wanted to capture a sunset here for quite some time.

It is even better in the winter when the geese come in numbers, making a wonderful silhouette for the foreground to provide greater depth and interest.

I didn't think we would get a shot today. Leaving the house on time, we encountered intense rush hour traffic on Route 22. Crawling just above idle in the traffic, I watched from the passenger seat, helpless, as the setting sun passed over our heads, I hung my head in dismay. Complaining to Cindy that we were wasting our time, she just kept on going.

My Cindy is much smarter than me. Arriving at the lake we still had about five minutes of sunset left. Setting up my tripod and cable release, I captured this shot just as the sun gave up its light to darknesses cold grip.

I hope you enjoy