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Sunsrise over Sanibel

Sunsrise over Sanibel

Stepping out the door of Cindy's parents house we were confronted with a blast of cold reminiscent of falls waning days in the North East. Cynthia and I did a quick about-face into the house to change from the shorts, T-shirt and sandals into Jeans and Hoddie's. We both left our sandals on, a decision we would shortly regret.

It's interesting to watch people from the south when temps hit the low 40's. I was chilled, but they were frozen. It was as if they were slipping into somnolence as the few who braved the beaches slunk along.

I was grateful. It was 10° in New Jersey. As the sun climbed over the horizon I snapped a few mementos of the morning, watched a pair of dolphin swim by and greeted the awakening shorebirds as they danced the tango with the surf on their quest for washed up sustenance. With Cindy by my side, it was the perfect way to start my Valentines Birthday. Sunrises with one you love are always better.

Stil, within a half an hour the cold won and, with frozen toes, we retreated to the warmth of the car's heater.