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Parula Song

Parula Song

What a way to end our stay on the South Carolina coast. We had just pulled off of Pawley's Island on our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I turned to Cynthia and asked if we could make a quick detour to Huntington State Park. I reasoned it might be a year before we got back, and who knew, maybe a spoonbill had flown in overnight.

Well, there were no Roseate Spoonbill. But, on our way out we noticed activity in the trees. Pulling over we realized that there were dozens and dozens of Northern Parulas feasting on berries. I had never seen so many.

Our trip north was delayed another 40 minutes as we watched the spectacle of so many of these beautiful birds bouncing around the branches. It was worth it,

This is one of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy.