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Thursday Morning Sunrise on Pawleys Island

Thursday Morning Sunrise on Pawleys Island

Two stunning mornings in a row. What a gift.

We had a series of shots planned out for this morning, but it all changed when Stryder started limping to the car. This has been an arduous journey for his thirteen years old frame. This morning was just one of those mornings where he was not up to a long walk - so we accommodated him by staying just at the entrance to the beach.

He still got to say hello to all his new doggy buddies when they came to him. And, he still had the chance to spend time with Cynthia and I as we drank our coffee, ate our bakery and took pictures of Gods glorious sunrise.

We went back to the house as soon as the sun crested the horizon fully. It's been a lazy day of Styder sleeping and us getting ready to return to reality.

This was one of the captures just as the sun began to peak over the skyline. I hope you enjoy.