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 Sanibel Island
Wildlife and Landscapes
New York City
Moon and Landscape
Old Time Lowell
Milky Way
2023 Storm Chasing

Wonders of Cochise County Milky Way and Landscape

Joshua Tree

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New York Moon and Landscape Workshop

with Jennifer Khordi

(May 4th - 8th)

Half Moon over Lady LibertyHalf Moon over Lady LibertyA last minute trip to the Brooklyn Piers last night served as a sharp lesson in the adage "proper planning prevents poor photos." Don't get me wrong; I like this shot. But, it is not the shot I set out to get. About thirty seconds earlier the lower edge of the midsummer moon tottered precariously on Lady Liberty's flame, as if she were delicately balanced on a fragile stage. That is the shot I had hoped to get. Unfortunately, when I got to my vantage point on the Brooklyn Piers, I realized that the wind off the Hudson was creating a lot of camera shake. A couple of test shots proved that I would not get any focused shots with the current gear. I had to run back to the car and get a heavier tripod and lens or abandon the shoot altogether. I chose the car (of course). By the time I returned and got set up I had missed the shot I hoped to get.

As I shared above, this is still a good shot. I just can't help but think that if I had not tried to take the easier path of bringing lighter gear, I would have achieved my goal for the night. In the end, it worked out well. Life is good like that - you make a mistake, you learn a valuable lesson that makes you wiser and better, and sometimes, like last evening, you still end up with some reward.

I hope you enjoy.
Shoot Date: July 31, 2017
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture priority 0.3 sec at f/6.3 ‒ 1 EV
Lens: EF400mm f/2.8L USM @ 400 mm
ISO: 800
Memories GauntletMemories GauntletThe shadows of silent footsteps wander through memories ring of fire towards freedoms beacon of hope.

Photography is about perspective. Ten photographers can take a shot from the same location, on the same subject, and end up with entirely different images. Many photographers at the NiSi Filters clinic yesterday took this shot. When it was my turn, I decided to take the lowest possible angle - as if viewing the scene from directly on the hallowed ground. I am pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy. I pray you remember.
Shoot Date: October 28, 2017
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture priority f/16
Lens: EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM @ 16 mm
ISO: 100
Under the Brooklyn SkyUnder the Brooklyn SkyThere is a starlit night sky above New York city that I have always wanted to bring out and see. I believed that a cold winter night sky might help bring out its clarity but have been so busy I could not get to Brooklyn to scout shooting spots.

That changed last evening. Cindy and I decided to go on an adventure after dropping my father at home in Long Island. Dealing first with an hour of stopped traffic getting over the Koskiasco bridge, the hurdles seemed to be foreshadowed. Shooting in NYC is like shooting nowhere else.

Finally arriving at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2, we wandered out, Styder in tow, to find a location. One cop car scare for walking an unleashed dog and brutally frigid temps chased the dog and my lady back to the car. I'll be honest, I wanted to go too. But I was not sure when I could get back and besides, once the shot is in my head I have to take it.

Finally finding the view I was looking for, I set up my gear and began to fire away. One again, I was complimented by an ADD affected Asian tourist who just about set his tripod up over my shoulder to get the same shot. I must be blessed.

By the time the series was finished, I could no longer feel my toes or finger. I packed up and hoped I had some usable images. I will be editing this series for a while but wanted to share this first view.

I hope you enjoy.

Old Town Lowell Milky Way

Milky Way

(March 17th - 19th & April 21 -23)

Traveling Back in LowellTraveling Back in LowellAt the end of time eternal, the path of angels leads to memories of an era now gone and a life more simple. In the small hamlet of Lowell, AZ there is a street that struggles against the modern age. In Lowell, vintage is the present, and the current does not exist.

Like so much of the Southern Arizona High Desert, it is unexpected in the most incredible way. On this night, like a magnet is drawn to its pole, the Milky Way found an earthbound brother, pointing any who would wander its path to this magical place.

The vision of His magnificent creation unfolds for me daily. Be it created through His children or His hand; it is all grand and awe-inspiring. I am blessed to share its witness. I humbly remain His scribe.
Shoot Date: March 6, 2019
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Manual 8.0 sec at f/5.6 0 EV
Lens: 15mm @ 15 mm
ISO: 100

Another Night in LowellAnother Night in LowellAnother Night in Lowell
© 2021 RGallucci Photography
Shoot date: April 18, 2021
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | 15mm | f/8.0 | 5.0 sec | ISO 1000

Sanibel Island

Birds, Wildlife, Sunrises, and Sunsets

(February 16th - 21th)

RegFox Bird BannerRegFox Bird Banner Turner Beach Sunset (Captiva Island)Turner Beach Sunset (Captiva Island)© 2019 RGallucci Photography

At the point where Sanibel and Captiva Islands meet lies a jetty that allows for an unobstructed view of the setting sun. Unobstructed except for the crowds of shell collectors that are want to move from their hobby for any reason.

My choices were simple, include the sheller or ask her to move. Thinking about it, I felt that the shot would be more suggestive of the area with her in it. Shell collectors begin their efforts with headlamps glowing before each sunrise and persist in the hunt until daylight fades into night. The true character of the Captiva Island sunset would be lost without at least one collector gracing the image.

I hope you enjoy.
Shot date: June 23, 2016
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
¼ sec at f/11 Bias:1 EV
Lens: EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM
IISO 100



Wonders of Cochise County

Milky Way, Sunrises & Sunsets

(June 24th -June 26th /  July 28th - July 31st / Sept 8th - Sept 12th (Full Moon Workshop)

Desert DreamsDesert Dreams© 2021 RGallucci Photography

Shot date: August 3, 2021
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
298.0 sec at f/4.0 Bias:0 EV
Lens: 15mm
IISO 2500
Night at Tombstone Monument RanchNight at Tombstone Monument RanchNight at Tombstone Monument Ranch
© 2021 RGallucci Photography
Shoot date: June 5, 2021
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | 15mm | f/5.6 | 20.0 sec | ISO 400

Storm Chasing / Lightning Chases

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(July 8th -July 11 / July 22nd - July 24th / Aug  5th - Aug 7th / Aug 19th - Aug 21st)

Monsoon 2022 - It BeginsMonsoon 2022 - It Begins© 2022 RGallucci Photography

Shot date: June 9, 2022
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
⅛ sec at f/8.0 Bias:‒ 1 ⅓ EV
Lens: EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM
Monsoon 2021 XXXVIMonsoon 2021 XXXVI© 2021 RGallucci Photography

Shot date: September 7, 2021
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
2.5 sec at f/8.0 Bias:‒ 1 EV
Lens: EF50mm f/1.4 USM






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