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Hummingbird's of the Southwest 

5 Cards

These cards are perfect to use as all-occasion cards or even to frame and display

A beautiful collection of five artistically rendered Hummingbirds of the South West printed on elegant fine art linen or heavy card stock.

Birthday Message reads:

May the road you've traveled, paved with its memories and experiences, guide you through this year's journey of dreams fulfilled, wishes realized, and goals achieved; and may the adventure of your life continue to enrich those who know you.  ~R. Gallucci


Fine Art Linen Stock - Blank inside (5 cards) $30.00
Fine Art Linen Stock  - Birthday message (5 cards) $30.00
Heavy Card Stock - Blank inside (5 cards) $25.00
Heavy Card Stock - Birthday message (5 cards) $25.00