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Sunrise 121619

Sunrise 121619

Sunrise 121619
© 2019 RGallucci Photography

Some may already realize from the images I have been posting that my 2020 big project will be a sunrise every day. That is an ambitious goal and doesn't take into consideration mornings that are shrouded in rain and fog. To compensate for the possibility of missed mornings, I've thought that the outcome would be to capture at least one representative sunrise for each of the years weeks. At years end, I could turn the 52 mornings into the book so many have been asking for. I could also take the best 12 (or 13) for a calendar.

It is an aggressive goal. I see so many things that might get in the way. But, if I can succeed, it will be an incredible testimony to the beauty God paints each morning in the southern Arizona high desert.

This morning was my first test. I am not feeling well. Fever, chills, cough - the works. Getting into the field was a struggle. Cindy questioned my sanity for even attempting it. But, if I am going to succeed next year, then these next few weeks will be essential in my planning. The truth is that once I saw how spectacular this morning's sunrise was all the malaise went away, at least until I got back into the house.

I would love to hear your feedback on my goal and hope that I can get your support, encouragement, Pep talks, and motivation through the next year.

I remain His scribe.

Sunrise 20191216
©RGallucci Photography

Shoot Date: December 16, 2019
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
0.5 sec at f/16 Bias:2 EV
ISO: ISO 100
Lens:EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM @ 28 mm