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It was an hour ride from Forks to Cape Flattery, the first destination on this adventure. Along the way, we saw no less that two dozen Eagles inhabiting the tree-lined highway and waterways. Whether perched in observation or soaring in abandon, they punctuated the misty landscape with powerful exclamation points. These were not the distant views from cloistered vantage points that we were accustomed to. These were Eagles, in their environment, masters of the domain and regal in their reign. To share that we were humbled and awed by their beauty would be to understate the experience.

But, it was this lone Eagle, roosting on a sculpturesque tide eroded remnant of the fractured coastline, which captured our attention most. Perched in deliberate inaction, it might seem to the casual observer impervious to the activities around it. However, closer examination proved that there was nothing in its domain, no movement, no sound, that it did not register and choose to ignore.

A majestic totem upon Gods sculpture; how much more grand a gift could we receive.

I hope you enjoy