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Parker Canyon Lake Milky Way 623

Parker Canyon Lake Milky Way 623


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Overwhelming in its intensity, magnificent in its grandeur and awe-inspiring in its existence. Poor descriptions of what it is like to stand under the southern Arizona high desert dark sky and witness the path of angels ascend from the horizon on its journey to infinity.

On the lakes gentle beach, as faint ripples of blue-black water, speckled with the poke-a-dots of the starry night's reflections, mildly wash against the rock-strewn shoreline, I can stand in silent meditation over my small place in His vast creation. There is a rewarding humility and comfort in understanding one's status in the community of the eternal. It is borne of the knowledge that each of our contributions contributes to the great whole. No one stands greater, nor less. We are all equal, all deserving, all sacred. I am blessed to be a part of His design.

I remain His scribe.

You can see my work displayed at Brews Brothers Coffee in Sierra Vista, AZ, and on my website listed below. Fine art prints of all my images are available. Purchases underwrite continued creation.

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Shoot date: June 23, 2019
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
30.0 sec at f/2.5 Bias:0 EV
Lens: 15mm
ISO: 6400