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The Pelican and The Seagull

The Pelican and The Seagull

To witness nature is to see the unbelievable unfold before your wondering eyes. - Robert Gallucci

No, this seagull is not trying to drown this Brown Pelican. It is, however, trying to steal its lunch.

I watched, fascinated, for almost an hour as this Brown Pelican drift fished down the shoreline, the seagull ever present at its side. When I first spied the two I did not understand what was happening. I thought it was cool that they would be so close. As time passed, I realized that it was not a symbiotic friendship. This seagull was a terrorist! I could not believe what I was witnessing. Watching the Pelicans every move, whenever it would dive for food the Seagull would position itself alongside where the bill would emerge. As soon as the head came up from the water, the Seagull would act, harassing and even jumping into the bill to steal the catch. It was incredible too witness.

But then this picture happened. I watched in shocked disbelief as the Seagull jumped onto the Pelican's head as it submerged. This was going too far. But, to the Pelican's credit, it just kept fishing, nonplussed by the parasite at its side.

To have the privilege to witness and capture moments like these is a great and profound gift. To share them with you is a humble testament and thanks for that opportunity. Enjoy.