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A View from the Field

A View from the Field

Hours before the full brunt of last nights storm roared into town there was a show of light happening on the horizon. As I stood in the field and watched the torrential downpour erase the Mule mountains from view, a rainbow began to materialize. As lightning battered the ground and thunder echoed through the valley I watched in awe as its arc traveled from near the San Jose Mountains in Mexico, over the border, to the middle of the Mules range. All the while the storm raged, its electrified tentacles creeping ever closer. In the background, my poor wife was in near hysterics shouting that I must have a death wish for holding my ground against the impending apocalypse. But I was transfixed by the sight in front of me. This was not something that is witnessed often. Of the over a thousand images I captured yesterday I think this is my favorite. I will post others that may be more dramatic, but this is the one that speaks of His all-encompassing power the best.
Shoot Date: July 30, 2018
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Aperture priority ¹⁄₂₅ sec at f/8.0 1 EV
Lens: EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM @ 16 mm
ISO: 100