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Blue Ridge Fields

Blue Ridge Fields

©RGallucci Photography

It is often the simple that makes for the most dramatic. We were slowly driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway when we noticed these fields off to our left. The contrasting shades of green, highlighted by faint autumn's muted reds and oranges, against the powder blue sky was too much to resist.

All too often I allow life to gain the advantage on my peace and serenity. Type A(+) I think, I am a hurricane of never stopping action. Yet, I long for the ability to rest quietly and serenely. It is only in the field, with my camera, that I attain a small semblance of this goal.

At the time I took this shot, I imagined being able to go back to this view to calm my restlessness and find a bit of peace. I pray it offers you the same.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III
¹⁄₃₅₀ sec at f/11 Bias: ‒ 1 EV
Lens: EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM @ 60 mm
ISO: 100
Edited in: Adobe Lightroom 2015CC