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First Light on Warfield Ridge

First Light on Warfield Ridge

The Confederate attack across Warfield Ridge towards Little and Big Roundtop (right center and right) was doomed to fail. On July 2nd, General Longstreet insisted the Major General Hood carry out Lee's order to attack across this field. Ahead of them lay the Union held the high ground, the Peach Orchard, and Devils Den. All were Union sharpshooter vantage points. To further their difficulties, the troops were without water in the hot summer battle.

It is hard to imagine the gory repercussions of this battle when gazing across the serene field as they look today. The morning fog is still receding from the mountains, diffusing the landscape in a shroud of gray.

May they, the valiant from both sides of this battle, rest in peace. We remain, as a country, dedicated to the memory of those that gave all that we might enjoy our freedom.