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Night Sky over Camp Jenny II

Night Sky over Camp Jenny II

About a month ago I posted an image of the view of the Milky Way shining brilliantly overhead at Lake Kiwassa in the Adirondacks. At the time I said it was a work in progress.

Here is the finished image. It is larger and shows more detail of the galaxy.

Of all the places we visited on our seven-week journey, I miss this place the most. Camp Jenny, that rustic cabin at Camp Cochran on the shores of Lake Kiwassa stole a piece of my heart, holding it ransom to ensure I will return year after year.

I belong to the mountains. It is where my soul finds peace. Eventually, I will settle in Colorado where I can thrive above 8,000 feet - That is my dream and me goal. For now I will head to the Adirondacks, again and again, to explore its summits and valleys and share my views of this magical place.

I hope you enjoy.