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Peacefull Cabin

Peacefull Cabin

It seems so long ago that we peacefully nestled in a cabin at Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. Nights were cool to downright chilly. They invigorated and awakened primal spirits that cried for a simpler life, one without the artificial lights and noise of modern society.

From there we went south, to ever warmer climes, travelling down the spine of the Blue Ridge mountains on a parkway through paradise. A one day trip became three. We stopped often to gaze in wonder at the magnificence of the panoramas.

We wandered, we explored, we ended up at a barrier islands in South Carolina. The humidity there was oppressive. The wildlife, especially avian, was spectacular. In the rain forest thick moisture laden atmosphere, we found sunrise and sunsets without equal. Here we found a different tranquility and serenity.

Now we get ready to head back north. Back up the Blue Ridge and hopefully through a maturing canopy of reds, oranges, and yellows. It is a trip that will provide still more touchstones for our hearts to rest on.

We head back to NJ and a new home. Nestled on the border of The Great Swamp, it is a dream come true. It will be base camp for future sojourns. We are ready.

It's been a great month. Much needed to rejuvenate our souls.

Going back through the images from the beginning of the trip, I found this night shot. It brought me back to the beginning. It is filled with a beauty I long to return to.

I hope you enjoy.