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The Lady and The Empire II

The Lady and The Empire II

Lady Liberty's beacon of freedom shines brightly while she seemingly gazes from the iconic Empire State Building in midtown to the lower island.

There is so much that goes into a photograph, and so many photographers these days just jump on others shots without giving due credit. I have argued with others that disagree with me but personally feel very strongly that it is the same as theft. There is only one place I know where this view can be captured. I found it myself by researching maps and triangulating lines after I saw Jennifer Khordi's excellent original view of the scene. As far as I know, she is the first to find this spot. That takes a vision and artistic genius which needs to be recognized. I only know of one other photographer who has captured this view, Dalton922 from Instagram. Mine is a different crop and slightly different perspective, but I feel strongly that I need to give credit to the talented artists who inspired the shot.

I will likely return to this spot throughout the year to memorialize the Empire State Buildings different dedication lightings.

I hope you enjoy