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Gilded Skies at Point Reyes Lighthouse

Gilded Skies at Point Reyes Lighthouse

At days’ end in Point Reyes California, the clouds, some passive and gilded in the last glowing strokes of daylight's destruction, while others seemed to grow angry and roiled at the inevitable departure of her warming light, trolled across the gloaming sky with the impunity of a Bison stampede through the great western plains. The Sun, once brilliant and exploding at her zenith in a soul calming warmth, painted a path of faint light from the end of the isle to horizons fading shore, a last triumphant effort that beckoned one to the mystery of eternity, before she retreated once more into darks endless abyss. There will come a day when my soul will walk that path. One day I will become one with the landscapes I so cherish and love, a small, but powerful in the strength of untainted devotion, part of its timeless existence. That is not today. Today I have only the vision of its existence. I, a witness standing before the paradise of Point Reyes Lighthouse, am at peace.
Shoot Date: February 15, 2017
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture priority ¼ sec at f/16 ⅓ EV
Lens: EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM @ 35 mm
ISO: 200