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Great Blue Heron at Red Mill

Great Blue Heron at Red Mill

We made a special trip to the Red Mill in Clinton, NJ to photograph its iconic beauty in the late summer evenings light. As I waded into the shallow rapids of the Raritan to set up my tripod, I glanced up and caught sight of this beautiful Great Blue Heron standing sentinel on the small shelf below the water wheel. I was immediately taken with the vibrancy of its plumage and switched to a long lens to get the capture.

After I had switched back to my landscape lens, I was treated to a juvenile Green Heron landing 20 feet from me and an absolutely fearless Solitary Sandpiper that fed amongst the current without a care for my presence. What an amazing experience.

Whether bird lover or photographer, if you are in NJ the Red Mill in Clinton would be on your short list of sights to capture.

I hope you enjoy.