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Days End at McKinney's Mill

Days End at McKinney's Mill

The Red Mill in Clinton NJ is becoming a favorite subject. It was everything I love to capture; dramatic sky, rapid water, a historic and iconic building, beautiful trees and birds.

The first time I photographed the Mill was this winter. It was beautiful and barren. The trees stood naked against the sky patiently waiting for warm weather to spur the greenery that would cover once again their limbs.

We had an opportunity to drive through Clinton, NJ today, and I asked Cindy if we could stop. She agreed and after a slight detour for an ice cream we were at the falls.

Cindy and Stryder waited patiently as I waded in to take some shots. With winter and summer now captured, I cannot wait for fall. The goal is to capture the Mill in all four seasons.

I hope you enjoy.