Red Tail on a Rock

Of course, there is a story behind this image. Have I mentioned California mudslides yet?

As we drove the long, windy and barren road from Inverness to Point Reyes, I spotted this Red-tailed Hawk perched perfectly on a hillside boulder. Immediately stopping the car (and backing up to the spot) I grabbed my camera and quietly exited the vehicle. Grabbing a few shots, I was not content with the distance and decided to creep up the hill to get a better vantage. About two-thirds of the way up I learned first hand about California mudslides. Back at the bottom, now covered in rich, brown mud, I looked up and was surprised that the raptor was still perched on its stone, intently scouring the field in front of it for a meal.

Better educated, I much more carefully crept up the embankment. As I crested the ridge, I was happy that the bird was still there. It wasn't until I began to shoot that the hawk finally took notice and gave me a look which clearly let me know I was trespassing on its terrain.

Snapping a final quick series I slid back down to the roadside and the waiting car where I had to deal with the much more severe admonishments from Cindy regarding my muddy condition. It was so worth it.
Shoot Date: February 15, 2017
Canon EOS 60D
Shutter priority ¹⁄₁₂₅₀ sec at f/7.1 ‒ ⅓ EV
Lens: TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD A011 @ 600 mm
ISO: 2000
Red Tail on a Rock